Modern Warfare 2: Spec Ops

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Modern Warfare 2: Spec Ops

Postby MadMojo » Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:04 pm

Anyone interested in getting together for some Spec Ops goodness sometime?

I have about 12 stars left to unlock and then I'll have them all completed and earn my very last MW2 achievement, but some of them are especially difficult solo. Aside from the two co-op missions, I've completed each mission on at least 1-star difficulty on my own and most missions on 3-star Veteran by myself, as well. But some of those Echo missions are crazy hard on the higher difficulty.

Anyhow, anyone else out there that has unlocked earning at least one star in each mission want to finish off some of the more difficult ones with a partner?

PS: For those who haven't tried it, you have to have played through earlier missions and unlocked the later ones otherwise you will not get credit for completing the Echo missions with me. I'm not against playing through earlier Charlie and Delta missions in order to get someone up-to-speed with me so they will get credit for the 3-star Echo missions, but if you haven't at least unlocked the Charlie missions, please play through Alpha and Bravo yourself (or with another friend) before you ask to join me. Alpha and Bravo missions are pretty darn easy to finish, in my opinion, and if you can't pass them to unlock the others you'll probably not stand much of a chance helping me out in Delta and Echo. Heheh.

Update: I have only 8 stars left to nab. The three echo missions (2 for each of them, I already completed each solo at 1-star) and one of the delta missions I haven't been able to finish on Veteran yet.
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