Microsoft E3 '09 from Sony's P.O.V

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Microsoft E3 '09 from Sony's P.O.V

Postby Spiral_INfinity » Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:10 pm

Sony backroom discussion after watching Microsoft press conference:

Rep 1: Twitter? Facebook? :|

Rep 2: Yeah, well....we have a web browser. 8-)

Rep 1: But it sucks. :?

Rep 2: We can get MySpace. :idea:

Rep 1: I thought you said we have a web browser? We can just go check that all out there. :?

Rep 2: Yeah, but you said our web browser sucks. :roll:

Rep 1: Oh yeah. :oops:

Rep 1: At least we have Metal Gear....wait...WTF!?!? :!:

Rep 2: Shit. We are soooo screwed. First they take the Final Fantasy series, now Metal Gear?? What’s next? Killzone? :?:

Rep 1: STFU. Don’t jinx it. It’s OUR game. They can’t have it. :evil:

Rep 2: Oh yeah? Explain that one to Sega. Now you got Mario AND Sonic in games together. :roll:

Rep 1: Well.....they still don’t have a motion contr......ahhhh FUCK!!!! :shock:

Rep 2: WTF are we supposed to do for our press conference now?? :?:

Rep 1: Public suicide? :cry:

Rep 2: You first. :cry:
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Re: Microsoft E3 '09 from Sony's P.O.V

Postby MadMojo » Sat Jun 06, 2009 2:30 pm

Heheh. Owned.
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